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Today, it is common for HR to build the employer brand, the marketing department to create campaigns and external communications, and the sales department to establish a personal relationship with the customer, hopefully leading to a purchase.

We aim to bring the branding issue into the boardroom and make it a shared responsibility for the entire organization to achieve the desired effect. It is important that all aspects of the brand are included.

We believe that if companies and organizations start by focusing on the customer and employee journey, and collaborate around it at all levels, the experience will significantly improve, and the results will follow shortly.


It all started with a coffee at Vetekatten. There we were, Lovisa, Therese and Anna - three passionate individuals with a shared desire to create something unique and meaningful. Between the chatter and the steam from the coffee cups, we began to contemplate what kind of company we wanted to build and how we could best utilize our experience in both marketing and HR to assist companies with their communication.

In that moment, we realized that we shared the same perspective, despite our different backgrounds. For us, the brand wasn't just a superficial facade; it was the heart and soul of every company. We understood that to achieve real success, we needed to not only engage people and nurture the brand but also ensure that the business grew organically and healthily.

And so, the idea of Spark & Grow was born - a company with a deep longing to ignite the spark within individuals and businesses. We didn't want to be just another agency; we wanted to be a partner for our clients on their journey toward growth and success. We continue to live by that philosophy. We are a story of passion, collaboration, and a quest to make a difference.